Generic Manual Test

Generic manual desktop application test container.

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Manual Browser Test

Manual test environment for parallel testing of multiple browser versions.

New Manual Browser Test

Selenium Grid

Automated testing of major browsers using a containerized Selenium Grid.

New Selenium Grid



Automated build task using the SpoonScript scripting language.

New SpoonScript Task

Hosted CI

Hosted continuous integration of popular frameworks, tools, and open source projects.

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Bring the benefits of Spoon containers on-premise with Spoon Server

Centrally deploy, patch, and manage desktop applications and data with Spoon Server.

Publish applications with the built-in web portal or push to desktops via group policy or existing infrastructure.

Spoon Server also includes enterprise features like Active Directory and LDAP-based authentication, license management, desktop integration, encrypted data storage, load balancing, and integrated analytics.

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      Marc Anderson, Siemens

      With Spoon.net, you can test just about anything. Or, if you're like me and need different browser versions all the time just to work, it's very worth the subscription price.