Telephony Sandbox

Make online voice calls to family, friends, and colleagues all over the world using the latest Voice-over-IP technology in the Telephony Sandbox.



With the help of VoIP and a microphone, you can use the apps in this sandbox to call individual people or hold group voice chats over the internet. In addition, some apps have features to enable instant text messages, video chat, and phone calls.

Skype is the most popular VoIP app for chatting with friends and family as well as holding remote business conferences and interacting with customers. In education, it has been used to bring in field experts and speak with people in other countries to facilitate foreign language studies. Skype supports text, voice, video, and calls to mobile phones and landlines.

Mumble and Ventrilo are the gamer's choice for high performance and low latency voice-based communication. They aim to make group voice chat easy to manage and enhance team-based gameplay.

X-Lite is an enterprise-grade softphone capable of making voice, video, and phone calls as well chat over instant text messages. It requires a VoIP service subscription with an internet service provider.