Remote Access Sandbox

Access your home or office computer from any location via a secure and encrypted connection with the tools in the Remote Access Sandbox.



Whether you are on the go or just happen to be the IT Pro for your family and friends, the tools in the Remote Access Sandbox are perfect for controlling the desktop screen of a computer, managing computers via a terminal connection, or transferring files to and from a remote hard drive.

TightVNC is a remote desktop application that allows you to control the screen of your computer remotely. It requires a VNC server to be configured on the machine you wish to access.

PuTTY is a terminal emulator that can connect to and manage a computer or server via a secure and encrypted SSH connection. Unlike TightVNC, this method of remote access uses a text-based terminal instead of a graphical user interface.

FileZilla and WinSCP are FTP clients used to upload and download files from a remote computer over the File Transfer Protocol. An FTP server needs to be configured on the remote machine and can be set to encrypt connections using SSL/TLS, SSH, and SFTP.