Online Chat Sandbox

Chat online with friends and family using Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, IRC and other popular messaging networks.



Use the apps in the Online Chat Sandbox to send text messages to your friends and family instantly or to connect with new people at public chat rooms over the internet.

All popular chat networks and protocols are supported: Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo!, AIM, XMPP, MSN, IRC, and more. In addition, some apps in this sandbox have features to enable voice, video, and phone calls.

Skype is the most popular Voice over IP (VoIP) application and supports communication over text, voice, video, and making phone calls to people all over the world.

Google Talk and Yahoo! Messenger are instant messenger clients that can be used to send text messages to your contacts on their respective chat networks.

Pidgin, Miranda IM, and Trillian are instant messenger applications that support multiple chat protocols and networks. They are useful for people who have accounts on different networks, but prefer to use a single chat application to communicate with their contacts.

mIRC is used to chat over servers using the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol. Most open-source projects maintain an IRC channel where people meet for support and to discuss the development of the project.