LibreOffice Sandbox

LibreOffice is a professional-grade office suite for all of your document, presentation, spreadsheet, and productivity tasks.



LibreOffice is released as a free and open-source application suite that is compatible with Microsoft Office as well as other major productivity suites.

Writer is the word processor inside LibreOffice. It can be used for any written assignment, from writing a quick essay to producing an entire book with tables of contents, illustrations, bibliographies, and diagrams. Writer is an alternative to Microsoft Word and can open and edit doc and docx documents.

Calc is a spreadsheet application that is used to collect, store, and analyze data. Similar to Microsoft Excel, it supports complex formulas and generates charts and graphs from your data. Calc is capable of working with xls and xlsx spreadsheets.

Impress, like PowerPoint, is a program for creating effective multimedia presentations. Animations and special effects are easily added to your slideshows to make them look more professional. Impress can be used to view and play presentations in the ppt and pptx formats.

Base is a front-end for the creation and management of databases. It is an alternative to Microsoft Access and can be used to quickly design interfaces, queries, forms, and reports for your data.

Draw is a vector graphics editor and diagramming tool that enables you to build diagrams and sketches from scratch. It resembles Microsoft Visio in functionality with some desktop publishing features from Microsoft Publisher.

Math is a simple equation editor that is used to design and display your mathematical, chemical, electrical, and scientific equations quickly using standard written notations.