File Sharing Sandbox

Share files online using popular peer-to-peer networks such as BitTorrent as well as client-to-sever FTP connections with the File Sharing Sandbox.



uTorrent is a BitTorrent client developed by BitTorrent, Inc, the company responsible for the development of this popular peer-to-peer protocol. Extremely tiny and efficient, uTorrent is built for downloading mega-sized files at the fastest possible speeds.

Vuze, previously known as Azureus, is a BitTorrent client with additional features such as meta search, RSS auto-downloading, a high-definition video player, and device-specific video conversion.

eMule is an open-source client for sharing files over the eDonkey and KAD peer-to-peer networks. It transmits data in a zlib-compressed form to save bandwidth and uses a credit system to reward users who upload frequently.

FrostWire is an open-source client for the Gnutella file sharing network, the first decentralized peer-to-peer network of its kind.

DC++ is an open-source client for connecting to the Direct Connect peer-to-peer network. Unlike the other file sharing networks, the DC++ client connects to server hubs with specific areas of interest, such as sci-fi movies or hip hop music, where users can chat with each other and share files with like-minded individuals.

FileZilla and WinSCP are FTP clients used to download and upload files from a server, site, or host over the File Transfer Protocol. They support encrypted connections using SSL/TLS, SSH, and SFTP for additional security.

7-Zip is an open-source file archiver that can compress a lot of files into a single archive for faster, easier, and less bandwidth-intensive sharing. It is also used to extract ZIP and RAR files, which are commonly used on peer-to-peer networks.