File Compression Sandbox

Extract ZIP and RAR archives online or compress your files and folders for easy storage and reduced file size with the File Compression Sandbox.



File compression is the process of packaging files and folders into a compressed archive that uses less space on your hard disk, allowing you to store more data on your computer. The smaller size of a compressed archive also makes it faster and easier to share over the internet. File archivers can further protect your compressed data with a layer of encryption that requires a password before the files can be extracted.

7-Zip is an open-source file archiver that uses 7z as its primary format to achieve a high compression ratio. It supports unpacking all common archives including ZIPs, RARs, and TARs.

WinRAR is the only file archiver that can compress files into RAR archives, a proprietary format that supports advanced NTFS file system options as well as data redundancy for recovering data from damaged archives.

RAR File Open Knife is a tool for extracting RAR archives as fast as possible. Simply drag your RAR files into the tool and watch them extract.