Editors Sandbox

The Editors Sandbox is ideal for quickly viewing the source code of your websites and applications as well as any other text-based files. Simple yet powerful, these online editors are easy to learn and have features essential to programmers such as syntax highlighting and macros.



Notepad++ is a Scintilla-based text and source code editor written in C++ to ensure it is lightweight and fast. It features a tabbed document interface for working on multiple open files in addition to syntax highlighting and folding, regular expression search, and support for macros.

jEdit is a programmer's source code editor written in Java for better compatibility and extensibility. This editor boasts syntax support for more than 200 languages, a wide selection of plugins, and efficient keyboard shortcuts.

Together, the apps in the Editors Sandbox support syntax highlighting for XML, C#, C++, HTML, ASP, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, CSS, Haskell, YAML, TeX, R, and many more computer languages. Additional features and functionality are available through the editors' robust plugin systems.